10 day cycle tour in Iran: looking for a route


Dear bicycle travelers,

I am up for a cycle tour in Iran in September.

- Available time minus days for flights, domestic transport, rest days and the like will leave me about 10 actual cycling days. In this time I expect to cover between 600 and 700km.
- I wish to cycle a good amount of mountainous scenery.
- I am open to visit cultural heritage sites, however my main interests are cycling beautiful scenery and experiencing the Iranian people as they live now.

Currently I am looking at:

1. Shiraz - Yazd - Esfahan.
2. Esfahan - Hamedan - Kermanshah
3. Tabriz - Saqqez - Sanandaj

Could anyone help me in comparing these routes? Or suggest other routes?

Thank you very much already! Regards, Sander